European Forum of Psychomotricity

The main goal of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity” is the support of psychomotricity in Europe, in the educational, preventive and therapeutic practice, in the initial formation or continuing education, in the professionalization and the scientific research.

The “European Forum of Psychomotricity” defines the main goals:

  • Promotion of the cooperation between psychomotricians coming from different countries and regions of Europe, (mutual exchanges, congresses, development of projects, formations, research.)
  • Support of countries or regions where psychomotricity is not yet well developed by: logistical or financial help, support of the initial formation and the continuing education.
  • Coordination of the initial formation and the continuing education by: harmonisation of the contents, the general guidelines, the exams, promotion of the harmonisation of the professional education concerning the recognition by government.
  • Mutual acceptance
  • Representation of the common interests concerning the professional politics, acceptance by social insurance, level of income, protection of the initial formation


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