The EFP thru the commission Education has produced different documents that are meant to be informative and useful to different Stakeholders.

To know about the terms used in Psychomotor activities the Commission Education has
created a Glossary (version 2016).

The commission Education has compiled one list in which the contents of the education
curriculum of psychomotricity is listed according to the ECTS Credentials (version 2004). These
documents show what common minimum requirements apply in different countries. It is a
reference document for comparison. Currently the Commission is working on a update of this

The commission Education compiled a list of experts (version 2012) with contact information.
To have contact to schools in Psychomotricity on master level (version 2012), initial education (version 2012) or complementary education (version 2012) the Commission
Education has collected all the addresses of the schools of different countries.

Documents related with topics from Education and Further Education


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