Organs of EFP

The EFP is a democratic organization integrating different kinds of organs, as reflected in the organization chart.

Revisors, General Assembly, Board of Arbitration. Board. Permanent Commissions: Commission Profession, Commission Education and Further Education, Commission Science and Research

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest organism of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity”. Its decisions are binding for all organisms and members. The General Assembly is chaired by the president of the Board or by one of the two vice-presidents, and it is composed as reflected in the organization chart.

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 General Assembly: 13 Member Countries
12 Ordinary Members


1 Extraordinary Member


The main goals of the General Assembly are:

  • Election of the members of the Board
  • Approbation of the activity- finance- and revision reports of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity”
  • Discharge of the Board
  • Adoption of the annual budget plan
  • Decision concerning the regulations of actions and financing
  • Election of the revisers
  • Determination of the contributions
  • Composition of the commissions and approval of the presidents of the commissions
  • Elaboration of political and economic guidelines
  • Modification of the statutes and treatment of demands


The EFP Board consists of five representatives of the members elected by the General Assembly, as reflected by the organizational chart.

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EFP Board

Pim Hoek (NLD)

Vice Presidents

Silvia Cattafesta (ITA)
Cristina Vieira (POR)


Ditte-Marie Post (DEN)


Pinter-Theiss (AUT)

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The president and the vice-president must be ordinary members and at least three of the five members of the Board must represent a country having an initial education in psychomotricity recognized by the government.

The president and the two vice-presidents represent the Board in justice. The president has the signing right together with one vice-president. In case of a hindrance, which must not be justified, the president can be replaced by one of the vice-presidents.
The Board decides on all matters of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity” not reserved for the general assembly.

The principal missions are:

  • The representation of the interests of the forum
  • Public relations
  • Elaboration of the budget
  • Management
  • Constitution of an office
  • Employment of full time collaborators and regulation of matters of staff
  • Calling ad hoc commissions
  • Calling of the general assembly and elaboration of the day order


To perform the missions of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity”, different commissions have been constituted and develop permanent work. All members are involved in these activities and in their composition. There should be a balance reached between national interests and specific personal competences to effective participation and achievement of the goals.

The three permanent commissions are:

The EFP Board may call for ad hoc commissions.
The members of a commission elect one of them as president. These elections become effective with the approval of the General Assembly.

The main objectives of the commissions are mainly the accomplishment of the missions that were approved at the General Assembly and the elaboration of propositions for new missions. The commissions have no right of decision.

Board of Arbitration

The Board of Arbitration is composed of three independent people, selected by the General Assembly. These three people must have a certain degree of recognition in their professional work in the field of psychomotricity and must be from three different countries. Their term lasts 4 years.

The Board of Arbitration is the contact for all questions and problems of the federations or associations who judge themselves not or not adequately represented by the European Forum of Psychomotricity

The templates of the Board of Arbitration, which can be justified personally by a member of the Board of Arbitration, must be studied by the General Assembly.

Members of the Board of Arbitration in charge (2013 – 2016):

  • Lone Frimodt (DK)
  • Klaus Fischer (D)

The main goals of the Board of Arbitration are:

  • to listen to the demands of the concerned federations or associations,
  • to examine the right of their demand and if necessary, present or represent a
    second time the case to the General Assembly.


The General Assembly elects two revisers who must not be members of the board. The role of the two revisers shall be to verify the mathematical accuracy of the results, the proper use of any surplus funds and lastly to warn the Board and the General Assembly in the event of any recorded anomalies.


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