Working Groups

Research and science enhancement group

There have been several requests to create an international database, to make an inventory of PMT observation and evaluation tools, to share more results when new articles are published in the field of Psychomotricity, and there has been expressed a wish to promote a network of PM researchers.

This group will work on this general wish to collect and exchange research and articles, and on developing a network of exchange among researchers.

Actual missions:

  • Publish an article on current and needed research
  • Updating information how to do research
  • Supporting the EFP congress 2021
GRC PAVLIDOU Eva [email protected] member
GER SCHMID Lemmer [email protected] member
NED BELLEMANS Tina [email protected] member
SUI NIDERÖST Melanie [email protected] member
DEN POST Ditte-Marie [email protected] contact
FRA SAINT CAST Alexandrine [email protected] contact
BEL DODION Françoise [email protected] contact
POR BODAS Ana Rita [email protected] contact

European Expertise Exchange Activities (E3) Group 

There have been several requests for creating platforms allowing the exchange of new research, and promotion and organizing education based upon this research.

This group will focus on how to share information and educate professionals related to new research studies and share these ideas. The focus is on exchange, communication and education regarding research and knowledge.

Actual missions:

  • Creating an online seminar (webinar) to share about knowledge
DEN JENSEN Ingrid [email protected] member
CZE VRBAS Jaroslav [email protected] member
GER GOEHLE Henrik [email protected] member
NED SCHEEWE Thomas [email protected] member
BEL MICHIELS Sabine [email protected] contact

Good practices and methodologies Group

The proposition is to collect good examples of practices or methodologies that are interesting to share. This group will also have to take decide what to do with the practices and methodologies collected. The focus is on the practice of our profession/in our field. The aim is to share practice, methods and application between member countries.

Actual missions:

  • Creating Top Ten Card from each country according to best practice in Psychomotricity
BEL RIEUTORD Juliette [email protected] member
DEN LADEBY Karin [email protected] member
FRA FEUILLERAT Brigitte [email protected] member
GER RÖSNER Manuela [email protected] member
SUI BIERI Beatrice [email protected] member
GRE SYPSA Christina [email protected] contact
NED HOEK Pim [email protected] contact

Connections on a political level – Group

Several requests were about the connection to the European Commission and the connection to other international associations in the field of psychomotricity. This group could focus on:

  • How the framework of the European commission could be interesting to the EFP? Whether some founding programs could be of benefit to the EFP. Whether some of the research programs would be of interest to the EFP, and which branch of the commission EFP could have interest in being involved in.
  • Collecting contacts with other international associations (like RED and OIPR) and elaborating a plan for collaboration with those associations in accordance with the common interests of each one.

Actual missions:

  • Preparing networking and lobbing with associations, stakholders and politicians
FRA RAYNAL Nicolas [email protected] member
POR SANTOS Rita [email protected] member
GER VETTER Martin [email protected] contact
NED HOEK Pim [email protected] contact
BEL TAYMANS Anne [email protected] contact

Psychomotor prevention Group

Elaborating specific content on this theme. The aim is to produce content that can be useful for psychomotor therapists/psychomotricians all over Europe.

Actual missions:

  • Create resources for psychomotricians on psychomotor prevention interventions
  • Create the public awareness for psychomotor prevention especially linked to civilization illnesses
AUT THEISS Christian [email protected] member
BEL LEGUIZAMON Diana [email protected] member
FRA SAINT CAST Alexandrine [email protected] member
ITA CIVA DELFONTE Ilaria [email protected] member
NED GLAS Olivier [email protected] member
SUI SCHUMACHER Michèle [email protected] member
DEN POST Ditte-Marie [email protected] contact
GER GOEHLE Henrik [email protected] contact
NED HOEK Pim [email protected] contact
BEL NAMECHE Alice [email protected] contact
GER RÖSNER Manuela [email protected] contact


202025.-27. 9. 2020
201927.-29. 9. 2019 Boulogne-BillancourtFRA
201828.-30. 9. 2018ZürichSUI

General Assembly and working groups meeting
in Boulogne-Billancourt (FRA), September 2019


General Assembly and working groups meeting
in Zürich (SUI), September 2018


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