General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity”. Its decisions are binding for all organs and members.

The General Assembly is composed of ordinary members, extraordinary members and associated members.

The duties of the General Assembly are:

  • Election of the members of the Board
  • Approbation of the activity, finance, and revision reports of the “European Forum of Psychomotricity”
  • Decentralization of the forum’s responsibilities, thereby relieving the Board
  • Adoption of the annual budget plan
  • Decisions concerning the regulations of actions and financing
  • Election of the revisers
  • Determination of the annual member contributions
  • Formation of commissions and approval of their respective presidents
  • Elaboration of political and economic guidelines
  • Modification of the statutes and treatment of requests
2023 22.-24.9.2023 Brussels BEL
2022 23.-25.9.2022 Marburg GER
2021 24.-26.9.2021 Rome ITA
2020 25.-27.9.2020 online  —
2019 27.-29.9.2019 Boulogne-Billancourt FRA
2018 28.-30.9.2018 Zürich SUI
2017 22.-24.9.2017 Lisbon PRT
2016 22.-24.9.2016 Hoorn NED
2015 25.-27.9.2015 Vienna AUT
2014 26.-28.9.2014 Dragør DNK
2013 27.-29.9.2013 Heidelberg GER
2012 28.-30.9.2012 Ljubljana SLO
2011 23.-25.9.2011 Luxemburg LUX
2010 24.-26.9.2010 Madrid ESP
2009 25.-27.9.2009 Paris FRA
2008 26.- 28.9.2008 Prag CZE
2007 28.-30.9.2007 Växjö SWE
2006 29.9.-1.10.2006 Basel SUI
2005 23.-25.9.2005 Luxembourg LUX
2004 24.-26.9.2004 Helsinki FIN
2003 26.-28.9.2003 Vienna AUT
2002 27.-29.9.2002 Ljubljana SLO
2001 28.-30.9.2001 Madrid ESP
2000 29.9-1.10.2000 Brussels BEL
1999 24.-26.9.1999 Lisbon PRT
1998 25.-27.9.1998 Verona ITA
1997 19.-21.9.1997 Strasbourg FRA
1996 19. 9. 1996 Marburg GER

General Assembly, Boulogne-Billancourt 2019

Back (from left to right): Pim Hoek (NED), Dimitri Talbot (FRA), Martin Vetter (GER), Ditte-Marie Post (DEN), Anne Taymans (BEL), Regula Seeholzer (SUI)

Front (from left to right): Cristina Vieira (POR), Christina Sypsa (GRC), Silvia Cattafesta (ITA), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Daniela Jonasova (CZE)

General Assembly, Zürich 2018

Back (from left to right): Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Martin Vetter (GER), Regula Seeholzer (SUI), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Rita Santos (POR), Silvia Cattafesta (ITA), Christina Sypsa (GRC), Daniela Jonasova (CZE), Leo Delabays (ALB), Suzette Everling (LUX)
Front (from left to right): Ditte-Marie Post (DEN), Mirja Mahkonen (FIN), Anne Taymans (BEL), Dimitri Talbot (FRA), Pim Hoek (NED)

General Assembly, Vienna 2015

Back (from left to right): Luisella Boccini (ITA), Mirja Mahkonen (FIN), Suzette Everling (LUX), Birthe Strandberg (SWE), Regula Seeholzer (SUI), Pim Hoek (NED)
Front (from left to right): Dimitri Talbot (FRA), Rui Martins (POR),
Daniela Jonasova (CZE), Ingrid Trajani (ALB), Anne-Marie Olsen (DEN), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Anne Taymans (BEL), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT),  Jürgen Seewald (GER)

General Assembly Dragør

General Assembly, Dragør 2014

Back: (from left to right) Rui Martins (PRT), Dimitri Talbot (FRA), Daniela Jonasova (CZE),  Suzette Everling (LUX), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Pim Hoek (NED), Anne-Marie Olsen (DNK), Julie Raepsaet (BEL), Jürgen Seewald (GER)
Front: (from left to right) Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT),  Regula Seeholzer (SUI), Estrella Masabeu (ESP)


General Assembly, Heidelberg 2013

Back: (from left to right) Dimitri Talbot (FRA), Paul Verschuur (NED), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Michal Lupac (CZE), Jüregen Seewald (GER), Barbara Schwanhäusser (SWE), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER)
Front: (from left to right) Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Rui Martins (PRT), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Anne-Marie Olsen (DNK), regula Seeholzer (SUI), Suzette Everling (LUX), Julie Raepsaet (BEL)

General Assembly, Ljubljana 2012

Back: (from left to right) Julie Raepsaet (BEL), Paul Verschuur (NED), Regula Seeholzer (SUI), Suzette Everling (LUX), Maarit Käenmäki (FIN), Matevz Petelin (SLO), Luisella Boccini (ITA)
Front: Gunilla Heijbel (SWE), Rui Martins (PRT), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Estrella Masabau (ESP), Anne-Marie Olsen (DNK), Daniela Jonasova (CZE), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT)

General Assembly, Luxembourg 2011
Standing: (from left to right) Maarit Käenmäki (FIN), Julie Raepsaet (BEL), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Paul Verschuur (NED), Rui Martins (PRT), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Pascal Bourger (FRA), Suzette Everling (Lux), Matevz Petelin (Slo), Gunilla Heijbel (SWE)
Front: Regula Seeholzer (SUI), Daniela Jonasova (CZE), Anne-Marie Olsen (DNK), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT)

General Assembly, Madrid 2010
Back: (from left to right) Suzette Everling (Lux), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Luuk Sietsma (NED), Daniela Jonasova (CZE), Paul Verschuur (NED), Gunilla Heijbel (SWE), Hedi Roulin (SUI), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Pascal Bourger (FRA), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Rui Martins (PRT)
Front: Luisella Boccini (ITA), Erwin Borremans (FIN), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Ziva Logar (SLO)

Paris 2009
General Assembly, Paris 2009
Front: (from left to right) Pascal Bourger (FRA), Estrella Masabeu (Sp), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Hana Dvorakova (CZE), Rui Martins (PRT)
Middle: (from left to right) Hedi Roulin (SUI), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Luuk Sietsma (NED), Erwin Borremans (SF), Suzette Everling (LUX)
Back: (from left to right) christian theiss statt veronika pinter-theiss (AUT), Werner Jost (BEL), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Gunilla Heijbel (SWE)

Screenshot 2013-11-13 17.04.22
General Assembly, Prague 2008
Back: Rui Martins (PRT), Maja Koljonen (FIN), Hedi Roulin (SUI), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Luuk Sietsma (NED), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Hana Dvorakova (CZE),
Werner Jost (BEL), Jessica Casanove (Translator), Gérard Louis (LUX)
Front: Gunilla Heijbel (SWE), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT),
Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Pascal Bouger (FRA)

General Assembly, Växjö 2007
Back: Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Cornelle Dieschburg (Translator), Maja Koljonen (FIN), Hana Dvorakova (CZE), Werner Jost (BEL), Gunilla Heijbel (SWE), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Pascal Bouger (FRA), Suzette Everling (LUX), Rui Martins (PRT),
Front: Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Jessica Casanova (Translator), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Luuk Sietsma (NED), Inger Johansson (SWE), Theresia Buchmann (SUI)

efp basel 2006 (1)
General Assembly, Basel 2006
Back: Michaela Jermini-Lafranchi (SUI), Hana Dvorakova (CZE), Maja Koljonen (FIN), Resi Seeberger-Wissing (GER), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Suzette Everling (LUX), Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Werner Jost (BEL), Pascal Bouger (FRA), Cornelle Dieschburg (Translator)
Front: Luuk Sietsma (NED), Rui Martins (PRT), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Inger Johansson (SWE)

efp luxemburg 2005 (5)
General Assembly, Luxemburg 2005

Front: (from left to right) Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Luuk Sietsma (NED)
Middle: (from left to right) Estrella Masabeu (ESP), Maja Koljonen (FIN), Brigitte Wachter Schmid (SUI), Inger Johansson (SWE)
Back: (from left to right) Rui Martins (PRT), Hana Dvorakova (CZE), Suzette Everling (LUX), Werner Jost (BEL); Pascal Bourger (FRA), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Michaela Jermini-Lafranchi (SUI), Klaus Fischer (GER)

General Assembly Vienna
General Assembly, Vienna 2003

Front: (from left to right) Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Luuk Sietsma (NED)
Back: (from left to right) Hana Dvorakova (CZE), Rui Martins (PRT), Matevz Petelin (SLO), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Leena Palve (FIN), Pascal Bourger (FRA), Erika Stubenvoll (Member of the Parlament of Vienna), Suzette Everling (LUX), Brigitte Wachter Schmid (SUI), Klaus Fischer (GER), Franco Boscaini (ITA), Pedro Pablo Berruezo (ESP)

EFP 2002
General Assembly, Ljubljana 2002

Front: (from left to right) Leena Palve (FIN), Rui Martins (PRT), Pascal Bourger (FRA), Brigitte Wachter Schmid (SUI), Inger Johansson (SWE), Suzette Everling (LUX); Matevz Petelin (SLO)
Back: (from left to right) Klaus Fischer (GER), Cornelle Dieschburg (Translator), Pedro Pablo Berruezo (ESP), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Jitka Koprivova (CZE), Lone Frimodt (DNK), Jan Koene (NED)

European Forum of Psychomotricity
General Assembly, Madrid 2001

Front: (from left to right) Rui Martins (PRT), Jitka Koprivova (CZE), Dorit Stenberg (SWE), Brigitte Wachter Schmid (SUI), Franco Boscaini (ITA)
Back: (from left to right) Matevz Petelin (SLO), Veronika Pinter-Theiss (AUT), Pedro Pablo Berruezo (ESP), Pascal Bourger (FRA), Suzette Everling (LUX), Leena Palve (FIN), Jan Koene (NED), Lone Frimodt (DNK)


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