European Day of Psychomotricity

The first European Congress of Psychomotricity was organized from the 18th to 21st September 1996, in Marburg / Germany. The period of the Congress also included the official moment of creation of the European Forum of Psychomotricity (EFP).
In 2016, the EFP will celebrate 20 years of existence and activity. Having these aspects in consideration, it is proposed to create the

European day of Psychomotricity on the 
19th of September.

The European Day of Psychomotricity is an initiative created by the European Forum of Psychomotricity.
Goal is to promote visibility of Psychomotricity at an European level. This can be done by organizing all kinds of activities. Associations, institutions, schools or individual members can celebrate the day with their own ideas, for instance, open house events, workshops, publications, public street initiatives, et cetera.
 All these initiatives will be collected on the EFP-website and on the Facebook and LinkedIn-account.

If you have an initiative, you can inform the delegate of your country. See: for the contact information.

The first European Day of Psychomotricity in 2016 was a success. In many countries several events and initiatives took place.


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