Political work

The EFP political work has been developed in three main axes:

1. Contacts with the European Commission Authorities

The EFP Board held three meetings with authorities of the European Commission, namely:

Important Link related with the European commission web address and professional interests of EFP

2. Formal collaboration with International Institutions related with the development of Psychomotricity

The European Forum of Psychomotricity (EFP), the “Organisation International de Psychomotricité et de Relaxation” (OIPR) and the “Red Latin-American de Universidades con Formación en Psicomotricidad” (Red Fortaleza de Psicomotricidad) are international institutions involved in the development of psychomotricity through high quality innovative activities in the area of education, professional development, research and political initiatives.
This declaration is the expression of shared principles between the EFP, OIPR and Red Fortaleza in order to provide a conceptual and methodological reference for the development of psychomotricity and to promote the profession of psychomotricians for the benefit of professionals and also of target populations of their practices.

3. Support to national political or scientific initiatives

EFP has supported several political and scientific initiatives developed by national professional Associations with the political or university authorities of the different member countries.


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