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Documents related with professional topics

Working abroad as a Psychomotrician

You will find in this part of the EFP website the information you need in order to work abroad as psychomotrician in Europe.

To help you, we have gathered the information country by country. The main question is «How can I work in that country?»

You will also know if the profession is regulated and/or protected in each country:

  • Regulated means that the education in that country is organized and supervised by the state
  • Protected means that you cannot use the title of psychomotrician without the diploma recognized/delivered by this country, and/or that the activities of the psychomotricians are reserved for them.

Download document containing further information [docx]



Steps for Austria [docx]
Steps for Belgium [docx]
Steps for Denmark [docx]
Steps for France [docx]
Steps for Germany [docx]
Steps for Holland [docx]
Steps for Italy [docx]
Steps for Luxembourg [docx]
Steps for Portugal [docx]
Steps for Switzerland [docx]


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