World Congress for Psychomotoric Activities 2000

Farewell Resolution

Strasbourg, May 21, 2000:

From May 19th to 21st, more than 1200 participants representing 25 countries took part in the world congress for psychomotor activities, with: “Psychomotor activities in a transforming society, on the threshold of the 3rd millennium” as the prevailing theme.

230 speakers used this opportunity to contribute their analysis of the implications rapid industrial progress has on social structures in their respective countries. Furthermore, they deliberated the implications the aforementioned progress has for human development, as well as potential preventative, rehabilitative, and therapeutic measures. By means of numerous practical workshops, participants had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with current methodology in psychomotor practice. Intensive discourse demonstrated not only the diverse development of psychomotor activities in various countries, but also the great opportunity to learn from one another.
The closing ceremonies concluded with the proposal of a unanimous resolution, which the participants of the congress would like to utilize in order to make the public and especially politicians aware of their work.


Radical progress in research and technology have resulted in worldwide changes in trade and economics, which have consequently caused a fundamental transformation in living conditions for human beings. Despite the many possible amenities which are a result of this progression, there are also potential meaningful negative connotations, which could influence the social behaviour and well being of humans. Studies have demonstrated both a grave increase in childhood developmental disorders, in addition to psychomotor inhibitors in adulthood, which could lead to illness and a premature need for dependence in the latter third of ones’ life. Only timely preventative precautions can assist in preventing the need for costly and intensive rehabilitative therapy, which places a burden on healthcare systems.

With their distinct knowledge of the close connection between physical well being, perception and movement behaviour, and personality development – the intense education which a psychomotor professional undergoes, enables them to make meaningful contributions which could not be as effectively produced by any other professional.

The participants of the “world congress for psychomotor activities” therefore encourage politicians – particularly those affiliated with healthcare issues,

• to promote the development of an educational institution for studies in psychomotor therapy in their respective countries;

• to secure and protect psychomotor therapy as a profession (as for example is thus far being done in France);

• and to advocate for the financial coverage of preventative, rehabilitative and therapeutic services rendered by psychomotor specialists, to be provided by healthcare and retirement insurance plans.


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