List of Experts

Country Name Topic Teaching Language
A GSTÖTTNER Elisabeth Motopaedagogic: Children elementary school, aged 6 to 10 with difficulties in learning, behaviour, perception dirsorder, motion deficitis
Motogeragogic: work with ill and old, partly dement people, some bound to a wheelchair
German, English
A VOGLSINGER Josef Construction of reality and special-educational-psychomotorical practice concepts.
The concept “movement area as learning area”: Meta theoretical reflection to the concept of learning and the application of this theory to therapy and the special educational needs.
Psychomotricity for children with behavioural disorder.
Psychomotricity meets Autogenic Psychotherapy
A ZAK Thesi Psychomotricity …
… for elder and old people
… for children between 3 and 13 years
… for disabled adults
German, English, Dutch
BE PROBST Michel Psychomotor therapy for adults
Psychomotor therapy for eating disorder patients
Psychomotor therapy for personality disorders
Dutch, French, English, German
D Dr. Eisenburger Marianne Psychomotricity with old people – Motogeragogik German
D FISCHER Klaus Early education and special education; developmental questions in a life-span perspective; evaluation and quality development in psychomotricity; laterality and left-handedness German, English
D HOELTER Gerd Psychotherapeutic application of psychomotricity
Evaluation movement therapy with children, adolescents and adults
Psychomotricity and psychiatry
German, English, French, Spanish
D WROBEL Jürgen – Psychomotricity and diagnose
– Teaching psychomotricity; Psychomotricity in Germany
– Yoga with children
– Communication in motion with
German, English
DK ANDRESEN Bodil Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy with children
Sensory integration
Relaxation and Psychomotor Therapy with parents–to-be and new parents
Family education and ante-natal and post-natal courses
Danish, English
DK AKASHA Ea Suzanne Body Language
Body and core emotions
Movement Therapy
Danish, English, French
DK BROK Helle Psychiatry and people with mental illness and problems
Movement activities, relaxation, dialogue, psychomotor manual therapy, treatment and rehabilitation
Danish, English
DK RøDER Ingrid Stress and burnt out
eating disoders
chronic pains
tonic-emotionel dialogue
Danish, English
DK SCHWAB Mai-Britt Juel Relaxation – psychomotor therapy
Stressmanagement and body treatment in combination lectures
Posture and basic exercises for sensitivity and strength
Couples body and dialogue
Danish, English, German
DK SøRENSEN Ole Henning Intervention Research
Psychosocial working condition
Danish, English
FI BORREMANS Erwin Psychomotor therapy for children and youth with special needs and with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Adapted physical activity Dutch, Finnish, English, German, French
FI KANNELSUO Marja Psychomotor educationfo Finnish, English
FI KOLJONEN Maija Psychomotor education, rehabilitation and therapy Finnish, German
FI PIETILä Mauri Psychomotor therapy as an integral part of Finnish daycare education Finnish, English


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